Welcome Choir...

is a new lively, open, friendly, all genders, all ages singing group in Newtown for people of all singing abilities.

We are focused on the uplifting, joyful experience of being surrounded by other voices, singing pop music in beautiful harmony.

There’s no audition and no need to be able to read music as the songs are taught by ear. Each week, we learn a brand new song. We meet every Thursday evening but there’s no pressure to attend. Drop-ins are welcome.

We offer a place that is also safe for greater diversity - people who are living rough on the streets, people of all abilities, LGBTIQ, people who are new migrants or asylum seekers – people who need to find some human connection and something beautiful to lift them up once a week. We have an open-hearted space that is breaking down some barriers that often create distance between people who are different.



The best part about singing with the Welcome Choir is the people that I get to hang out with every Thursday
— Jess Roche
The Welcome Choir is distinguished by the expertise and direction of Rebekah. Her attention to detail and expectations of the group are what make this group heads above the rest.
— Sara De Graff
The choir has been good for me. I love coming to choir and be engulfed in a community of caring individuals . No matter what your singing ability is, there is no judgement only encouragement. And when we get all the harmonies just right and the sound is soaring endorphins are released, giving you a wonderful feeling.
— Joan Paculan


Our vision...

is to create a choir that is joyous and uproarious that allows people to unleash their inner freedom of voice – something that could potentially fill the halls until they're bursting at the seams. 

The Welcome Choir is an opportunity for all to feel blended in a sea of voices; to build a beautiful sound with some new and old friends and to lift people up with the potential that we can make something amazing with our voices that we don’t have to be afraid of being singled out or feeling awkward.



PAYING our reSpects

The Welcome Choir would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional owners of the land on which we meet – (the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation). It is upon their ancestral lands that the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre is built. As we share our voices and spirits in this space, may we also pay respect to the songs embedded forever within the Aboriginal Custodianship of Country.